In Memoriam: Peggy O'Connor Kosior

peggy photo.jpg

There are some people who, when you meet them, you know they’re going to be influential. For those of us who were lucky enough to know Peggy O’Connor Kosior, that was definitely the case.

Peggy, who passed away on March 21, 2019, dedicated her life to children. Between raising her own, working for 30 years as a caseworker at Luzerne County Children and Youth, and as a volunteer advocate with CASA of Luzerne County, Peggy inherently knew the importance of treating all children with kindness and compassion.

In honor of who she was and the good she brought to the world, we’d like to honor Peggy in this month’s Advocate Spotlight.

“’Dedication to children – the most vulnerable children.’ That was Peggy,” said Annie Ellis, CASA of Luzerne County Program Director. “From the first night of her training, to literally the very end, she was committed, compassionate, and caring. She was, for her unfortunately short duration here, the embodiment of a voice for the children.”

Advocate Coordinator Shannon Joyce supervised Peggy during her time with CASA, and noted that there are so many good things to say about Peggy and the impact she had.

“She had an energetic spirit and a spunk that many people lose after years working in a difficult career field,” Shannon said. “Rather than leave the child protection field after retiring, she instead decided to dedicate her free time to continue helping children in Luzerne County. Peggy was one who always saw the good in every situation and was excited to have an impact on the lives of others.”

Not only did Peggy bring a wealth of knowledge and compassion to these situations, she continually approached them with an open mind and willingness to learn.

“When I think about Peggy’s many attributes, one that stands out for me was her humility,” said John Aciukewicz, CASA of Luzerne County Executive Director. “Peggy came to CASA with a wealth of experience and knowledge from her many years of distinguished service at Children and Youth, yet she was always receptive to learn as much as she could about her new role as a CASA volunteer. Peggy also possessed a calm but confident presence, guided by her desire to once again make a difference in a child’s life. It was an honor for us to have Peggy engaged in our program, though for much too short of a time.”

The impact Peggy had in the lives of children in Luzerne County has been noticed by all who knew her. We are grateful that, after a full life of service, she decided to volunteer her time here with us. And, even though her tenure as a court appointed special advocate was short, she made an difference here, too.