What we're thankful for


Happy Thanksgiving!

Volunteerism is always awe-inspiring. Normal folks who take their free time and energy and spend it on someone else. Our advocates are a supreme kind of volunteer. They use their gifts to literally change the lives of children who are so in need.

On this Thanksgiving we want to acknowledge them for all their hard work and their dedication to the children on their cases. For the hours they spend listening, helping, loving, and speaking up for them. We are so thankful for each and every one of them.

We’re also thankful for our donors and partners who give so freely to support the mission of CASA of Luzerne County and help us to work to ensure that every abused and neglected child in our community has access to a court appointed special advocate.

When a community comes together, change truly happens.

And thank you to those of you who are taking the time to read this. By the simple act of engaging with us and helping to spread the message, you’re helping to further our cause. And we are so grateful.

We’d also like to remind you about our #GivingTuesday campaign which is already live. By clicking here, and selecting CASA of Luzerne County as your charity of choice, you can make sure that each of the children in our program has the clothing they need to make it through this already freezing winter. So many of the kids who come to us are without the basic necessities, and we believe every child has the right to be safe and warm.

Thank you, thank you.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CASA of Luzerne County.