Advocate Spotlight: Tish Last


Since becoming a court appointed special advocate in June of this year, Tish Last has consistently shown the difference that one dedicated, caring adult can make in the life of a child.

In Tish’s case, it’s children. A brother and sister, ages 13 and 12.

Since being appointed to their case, Tish has dedicated her time, talent and heart to the best interests of her children and their family.

“Every time I am with my CASA kids I have a memorable experience,” Tish said. “They are remarkable, resilient children with lots of personality. I feel blessed to know them.”

Tish also knows the precious and unique responsibility that a court appointed advocate has.

 “Being a court appointed special advocate comes with rights and privileges akin to an educator, lawyer, medical professional, or social worker,” Tish said. “CASA’s are privy to a whole array of confidential information. With that privilege comes a deep responsibility to protect our kids. They are among our most vulnerable citizens.”

Tish credits her training class with helping her understand what exactly is expected of her as a volunteer advocate.

“I learned about CASA through my sisters who have been involved with CASAblanca and through board members,” she said. “However, I did not fully understand what the volunteer position entailed until I went through training.”

All of our advocates go through comprehensive training to lay a foundation for their advocacy. Our next training class is scheduled to begin in March 2019.

Not only are our advocates trained, they’re supported by our staff as well as the other advocates.

“The best advice I can give a new CASA is to trust your gut and keep an open mind and heart,” Tish said. “And don’t ever be reluctant to seek help from our dedicated staff.

“I have no regrets having become a CASA. Although I have only been an advocate for a short time, I think the work will turn out to be the most important volunteer work I will ever do in my lifetime.”

If, like Tish, you’re ready to give your time to change lives, we’d love for you to join us at an information session on Monday, December 17 at noon in our office in Plains. Or start your new year off right and join us in January – January 7 or January 22 at 5 p.m. Give us a call at (570) 855-2247 or click here to register.

Tish lives in Wilkes-Barre with her husband Michael and their dog Patches. They are the proud aunt and uncle to 32 nieces and nephews.