NEPA Sings: Meet the contestants

Lisa Percevault.jpg

Meet the contestants: Lisa Percevault

Lisa, who describes herself as “21 for the second time,” wants people to know “it’s never too late to do anything.”

After being encouraged by her choir teacher in high school, Lisa has been pushing herself to do her personal best since then – even auditioning for American Idol over 14 years ago.

On top of performing as part of NEPA Sings, Lisa is graduating in May with her Master’s degree in Business Administration and is in the process of applying to law school.   

Lisa says it’s “awesome” to be part of a competition that helps give kids in Luzerne County a voice, even if it’s just one kid at a time.

“My wish is that all kids who need a CASA will have a CASA,” Lisa said. “But if only one new kid is assigned a CASA as a result of this event, it will be worth it.”

To hear Lisa and our 11 other contestants lift their voice for children in need, visit or call (570) 855-2247 to purchase your tickets.