NEPA Sings: Meet the contestants

Kelly Vinnacombe.jpeg

Meet the contestants: Kelly Lynn Vinnacombe

As a social worker, 30-year-old Kelly knows firsthand the needs of children in the foster care system.

“Children who go through being placed in foster care are experiencing something very traumatic,” Kelly said. “They need a CASA to help them overcome these trying times, and if this event benefits CASA and these children, then I could not be more proud to be involved.”

A lover of Broadway-style ballads, Kelly has been singing since she was little and even taught herself to play the guitar in high school.

Kelly, who is getting married in September of this year, said she’s honored to have been chosen for the finale.

To enjoy a night of music with Kelly and our 11 other contestants, visit or call (570) 855-2247 to purchase your tickets.